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This is a WordPress Plugin and Requires WordPress

PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR. If you install and use the plugin and also use Google Analytics, please make an annotation in your Audience analytics of the date you made the recommend changes. Let me know your results!

NOTE: There is NO Premium Version of this plugin! All Features Unlocked Instantly.


Content Ideas

Our content module gives you ideas and inspiration to create compelling, relevant and timely information for your site.

It uses your keyword to generate Buying Keywords and Article Title ideas. It also uses them to pull relevant news feeds from Google and Q&A from Yahoo Answers.

Traffic Checklist

Our best practices checklist on getting more traffic and improving seo.    Just go through each action item and check off those you’ve completed.

We’ll update the traffic checklist with additional content from time to time.  Just fixing or finding one of these action items could pay for this plugin.

404 Log

Shows you all your 404 Errors inside of the dashboard so you can identify and fix issues.  You might be missing out on lots of traffic or search engine juice.

Search Log

Shows you all the searches from your WordPress search forms so you can improve content and navigation.  Identify low hanging fruit and customer needs.

Word Count

A sortable column to show post word counts which helps you identify weak posts.

Tracking Pixel Widget

This is a special widget that lets you put a tracking pixel or header code into any page/category/tag you wish.

Widget Visibility

This lets you change your widget content for any page/category/tag instantly.  Hide or show widgets any way you wish.


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